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Google Analytics Real-Time and TVad Case Study


For years the people in the search business have known that TV ads usually drives search and direct traffic to websites. iProspect Norway have always cross checked TV-ad schedules and compared these with the hour by hour visitor metrics in Google analytics. This have proven to be a difficult task and sometimes an impossible one if the client has a large volume of visitors to their site and especially if you want to monitor search phrases, number of visitors, location of visitors and content visited as a result of a TV ad all together.

But not anymore… There is a new kid in town ..


Google Analytics Real-Time

Released this autumn Google Analytics Real-Time is making a big impact on how web marketers work with other media.  (And vice versa)

Google has described some of the real-time functionality in detail at http://analytics.blogspot.com/2011/09/whats-happening-on-your-site-right-now.html.


Case study: for Better Days

Please note there is a video at the end of this article showing the recorded results.

In this article we will present the exciting observations recorded when TV-ads for the Norwegian Environmental Energy Company, for Better Days were aired 21-10-2011.

The domain www.fbd.no launched only two days after the TV-Ad ran hence the organic visibility was limited. Nevertheless the data recorded showed significant rise of visitors from organic searches on product or brand name directly after the ad ran.

There were also huge rise in direct traffic from users who typed fbd.no in their browsers. iProspect recorded the ad along with the overview screen in Google real-time analytics to visualize tv-ads and web traffic together. The screenshot below is taken when the ad was running in the small frame in the middle.

google analytics real time iprospect1
Then just seconds after the ad had ended real-time analytics showed increase in traffic. After two minutes the effect of the tv-ad was clear. Take a look at the screen shot below.


google analytics real-time iprospect2

What we learned

Google Analytics real-time is now visualizing a known relationship between TV-ads, direct traffic and search. It high lights the fact that people are searching after being exposed to TV-ads. They are multitasking when watching TV using their tablets, mobiles and laptops.

The moral is that your website should always be visible in the search results in both paid and organic search otherwise they will end up on a competitor’s website. You do not want to pay for TV ads driving traffic to your competitors!

I won’t conclude whether TV-ads work or not. There are many variables, purposes and audiences to play with when doing TV ads. But the take-away is that real-time analytics enables both marketers and clients to test TV-ad content and timing to improve their TV- , search and web strategy.

Watch the outtake of the recordings made from the TV ad described in this article here:

Google Analytics Real Time and TVad case

Many thanks to Carat Norway and Isobar Norway for letting us on board this project. Thanks to the wonderful team at for Better Days for sharing their data.

Please feel free to contact us regarding google analytics real-time. Then next blog post will feature usage of Facebook and real-time analytics. We will also publish a hack on how to see conversions in real-time.

Maarten Berge – Head of Innovation

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  1. Hanne Lene Norup:Reply


    What was the reach of the tv-ad?

    • admin1:Reply

      Hi Hanne,

      Thanks for stopping by. The TVad was shown Friday 21st of October at 20:20 in the commercial break of the Norwegian version of Pop Idol. The timing should be prime time for reach in Norway. If you are looking for detailed numbers we might be able to share these with you if our fellow colleagues in TV approve.


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